The Chocolate Line
The Chocolate Line Chocolate Packaging
Swedbrand has been collaborating with The Chocolate Line since 2012, when Dominique Persoone understood the importance of packaging as a competitive advantage for his product. He got in touch with us to create a new range of packaging that represents his revolutionary and... Read the post
Maelu Chocolate & Dessert Packaging
It is universally known that however full you are, there’s always room for dessert. The appealing colors and creative decorations of creamy pastries and fruit cakes are definitely hard to resist, even after a big meal. Because of their incredible popularity, competition is very... Read the post
Beech’s Chocolate Packaging
Swedbrand has been collaborating with Beech’s since the mid 2016 to help them fulfil their vision of having their products on the shelf of additional large retailers. From our first meeting in Preston, we identified that the make-up of our production partners and... Read the post
15 Delicious Cookie Packaging Designs
What’s the secret behind baked goods, besides being oh-so delicious? It’s very simple: pretty presentation. Food gifts are always a favorite, and a beautiful packaging makes them fun and even more yummy. You don’t have to be a master baker to invent a thoughtful food gift. If the packaging is creative, who… Read the post
100 Years of Oreo Packaging
As we all know, packaging is what makes a brand stand out on the shelf, and for the consumer it represents what is most recognizable about a product. For a newly established brand, a big change can make you lose recognition among your consumers. But for a well established company,… Read the post
Tea packaging
The Most Creative Tea Packaging Designs
Tea and coffee are probably two of the most common drinks in the world. Tea originated in Southeast China, where at the beginning it was used as a medicine to cure different diseases. After the Tang Dynasty in China the popularity of tea spread like wildfire. But it’s not only… Read the post