Yoomi Baby Product Packaging
Swedbrand’s and Yoomi’s collaboration started in March 2016, when we began helping them with the development of their oval-shaped rigid boxes. One of the challenges we faced was the rather uncommon oval shape of the box, requiring skillful labor, with a short timeframe in relation... Read the post
SCA Incontinence Care Packaging
Swedbrand helped SCA improve sales and exposure of their Tena products in China by identifying the purchase behavior and product requirements of their target group and developing packaging and POS materials. The Process It was identified that the target group wanted simple and... Read the post
Hans Boodt
Hans Boodt Mannequin Packaging
How to build a man We are always faced with various challenges at Swedbrand. But it is safe to say that we are not often challenged with the packaging of body parts – or rather, how to pack the parts of a mannequin.... Read the post
Dr Temt
Dr. Temt Combinal Cosmetics Packaging
Dr. Temt is a cosmetic company based in Austria whose products are available in leading clinics, spas and cosmetic centers in more than 70 countries worldwide. We first met with the Dr. Temt team during one of our business trips to Austria when... Read the post
Doro Liberto® 820 Smartphone Packaging
Once you’ve bought your new phone, you just want to get it in your hands. Only one thing keeps you from it – the box. This shouldn’t be much of a barrier; yet sometimes it really is. Instead of getting more excited about... Read the post
Dolores Promesas
Dolores Promesas Fashion Retail Packaging
Swedbrand started working together with Dolores Promesas in 2015, when we offered them our help and service. They were producing three different Hand Made Paper Bags, but the smallest one didn’t live up to their expectations. Since they sell all different types of... Read the post
Auchan – School, Christmas & Toy Packaging
We believe that the big projects bring the real challenges – something we truly experienced when Auchan asked for our help. Auchan is the 10th largest food retailer in the world, so we knew that a project handed by Auchan would bring some... Read the post
Is Plantable Packaging the Answer to Zero-Waste Question?
Packaging waste question started raising few years ago aiming to eliminate packaging in order to stop the millions of tonnes of packaging waste going to landfill or making its way into our rivers and oceans. The answer for the problem was found soon by developing new compostable materials for packaging. Read the post