With money to be made in the pet industry, numerous companies are focusing on providing a great experience for their customer as well as their pets. And invoking emotions with eye-catching and informative packaging is a great strategy to make people buy your product.

If you sell products targeted towards pet owners, remember that cheaper isn’t always better. People want the best for their pets, and pet owners are usually very well informed.

In order to stand out from the crowd, not only companies need to make products that are able to provide more benefits than their competitors, but also their packaging needs to be striking. Below you will find some great examples of the most creative pet based packaging designs for you to get inspired from!

Petcurean Go!

Genesis Dog Food

A Little Bird

Natural Instinct

Poo Poo Bag

Vet’s Kitchen

Purina Be Happy

Pams’ Pet Food

Dog Shells

Snookums Cat Food 

Oh My Dog

Organic Oscar

Mr. Dog

The Dapper Dog

Frolic Pet



Straddling the line between fall and winter, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to keep away roaming ghosts.

Over time, Halloween evolved into a secular, community-based event characterized by child-friendly activities such as trick-or-treating. In a number of countries around the world, as the days grow shorter and the nights get colder, people continue to usher in the winter season with gatherings, costumes and sweet treats.

And since the 31st of October is here (already!), we thought of putting together some really “spooky” packaging designs for you. Check them out!

Sugar Skull Chocolate Milk Stout by Ten Fifty-Five Brewing

Halloween Packaging by Burger King

Creative Creatures by Grain Creative

Halloween Cereals Packaging by Kellogg’s

Halloween Survival Kit by Elizabeth McMann

La Catrina Wines by Puerto Me

Halloween pack for Lyle’s Black Treacle by Design Bridge

Halloween Cupcakes by Elite Packaging 

Halloween Bottles Packaging by Fanta

Halloween Chocolate Packaging by Hotel Chocolat

Halloween Chocolate Box by Godiva

Black & Orange Biscuits by Oreo 

Team Swedbrand wishes you all a scary Halloween!


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We believe in the power of packaging, as “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” (Harlan Hogan).

As most of you know, Swedbrand Group is a multinational team of professionals specialised in building brands through packaging. With clients in 17 countries across the globe, we are amongst the market leaders in delivering unique and accessible packaging solutions.Through our partners as well as shareholding in factories in Asia and Europe, we are able to handle both small and large projects, integrating contemporary design with the highest quality production and strategic global logistics.

As an overall packaging supplier, we are able to tailor converted or premium packaging to your exact requirements. We are proud of our diversified portfolio of packaging solutions, from Retail and Cosmetics, to Confectionery and Food&Beverage Industry. No matter what business sector you belong to, we will always do our best to find inspiring and creative solutions that can fulfill your requirements.

At Swedbrand, we strive to be the best choice when it comes to packaging. Our company is mainly focused on the design and production of the following types of packaging solutions:

Sustainable/ Reusable Bags

Hand Made Paper Bags

Machine Made Paper Bags

Foldable Boxes

Rigid Boxes

Through our blog we want to introduce you to our world and show you what we do best. We will write a post per month, providing you with a clear and detailed explanation of our products and services, one by one.

So… Stay tuned and don’t miss our next blog posts! We hope you will enjoy them!

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Beer brand Beck’s and BBDO Germany have come up with a clever way to hide technology into its products that doubles as a bit of free promotion.

The team created a tiny camera that fits on top of their beer bottle. The gadget sticks to iPhone cameras and uses a mirror which enables the user to film and view videos in 360 degrees before sharing them across social media. In addition to filming content, indeed, the lens also connects to Facebook’s app so that people can upload their clips. Meanwhile, Facebook also added a feature that lets users upload 360-degree photos for the first time.

So not only Beck’s is equipping consumers with new technology, but their idea is that people will also film some interesting footage using the cameras they provide.

“The basic idea is to provide an all-round view of those typical Beck’s moments shared with close friends,” the agency said in a statement. “Unfortunately, attempts to capture these moments on mobile phone videos just cannot compare.”

It’s not the first time that Beck’s has tweaked its packaging in unusual ways. Last year, the brand created a wrapper for bottles that encourages people to scratch off aluminum.

Unfortunately, the special edition is not available in-store. Beck’s Facebook fans will have the chance to win a CapCam via a competition on the social network.

Check out the video of Beck’s CapCam below:



Nothing’s like a scoop of ice-cream on a hot summer’s day!

We all love it – it is the yummiest of all sweet treats. The best things about ice-cream is that it comes in a variety of different flavors, which means that everyone can have the flavor of their choice and enjoy this cold and sweet delicacy. No matter what you like, there’s an ice-cream flavor out there for you!

Ice-creams are not only delicious; they are also very attractive to look at, as they are colorful and often beautifully decorated to make the presentation even more eye-catching! And what can make ice-creams even more attractive is its packaging design. As with other products, it needs to be beautiful and innovative. Other than that, it also has to be able to maintain the consistency of ice-cream in order to make it more durable.

Even though ice-cream packaging is almost always very colorful and lively, this is not enough! Designing a product with creative and innovative packaging is essential to maintain the product on the market. Ice-cream with outstanding packaging will make people buy it not only because it is good, but also because it looks nice on the shelf.

Many talented product-packaging designers out there are doing a great job in creating brilliant and eye-catching ice-cream packaging designs. In this article we will be showcasing a collection of them. Are you ready to get inspired?

Joe’s Ice Cream by Unreal

Briolla Ice Cream by Kroll Design

Amy’s Ice Cream by Eric Timmerman, Hector Guerra and Misa Valenzuela

La Strada Gelato by Evelin Bundur

Gorge’us Ice Cream by Matt Barber

Landor Ice Cream – Eureka! by Helen Wilson

Gelatovino Wine Ice Cream by Lucas Richter

Fonduella Ice Cream by WJ Jake

OISHII Ice Cream by Yuka Toyama

The Fresh Market: Gelato & Sorbetto by Julie Wineberry

Alphabet Scoop Packaging by Rebecca Lim

Love Creamery via Fancy Ferret

Italia Ice Cream Bars by Studio Fernanda Schmidt

Jude’s Ice Cream by Matt Yeo

Awfully Nice – Guilt-Free Ice Cream by Calum Middleton

Glacé Ice Cream by Nathaniel Cooper



Even if you think that you were not born with that creativity flame, the good news is that you can harness the power of creativity. Like any other skill, creativity needs to be developed. It is such a crucial skill: it enhances problem solving, makes you more persuasive and a better leader, puts a smile on your face and, ultimately, it will bring you the product or service which will make the world a better place.

A way to enhance your creativity is challenging yourself, finding ways to be more creative! Good examples could be using your camera, baking a cake, writing a blog post, doing something special with your hair, painting your house walls, giving a creative compliment to someone, playing new games, reading the newspaper… Being creative is so much fun and it keeps the excitement alive.

When we look at packaging, we see such a vast field for creativity applied. A supermarket is a huge display for creativity. However, it is not easy to stand out in this very competitive field. If you are contributing with healthy nuts, for example, how can you make a difference and win more and more consumers? The answer, as usual, is creative packaging. Nuts are very easy to carry around, they usually come in pouches, and the printings outside can be of any type. Even better if they are cute cartoon faces that will put smiles on everyone’s face. Geometrical shapes, sophisticated boxes or quotes are other ways to bring creativity to nuts!

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Written by

Henar Cabrera


“Minimal” is a term each designer uses on a daily basis. It is characterised by the use of simple or primary forms or structures, especially geometric or massive ones. From artisanal boutique to superstores, the trend for Minimalist Packaging Design continues to pick up pace and has now become a worldwide tendency. This concept has become a trend that is associated with clean, focused, and simplified design. Enjoy a little simplicity with these 10 minimalistic package designs.

Mandarin Natural Chocolate bars by Yuta Takahashi

Yuma Takahashi’s packaging design for Mandarin Natural Chocolate takes Minimalism to the extreme. It features an almost entirely white wrapper, with lettering in a simple black serif font and a line of 10 dots to subtly indicate the chocolate’s intensity.

Organic extra virgin olive oil bottle by Alex Theodorou

By Evolve’s Alex Theodorou designed the company’s organic extra virgin olive oil bottle to be elegantly minimal for one key reason – so it would last. His hope was that consumers would reuse the glass bottle as a pourer even after the initial supply of oil was gone.

Leo Hillinger wine bottle by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid’s bottle for Austrian winemaker Leo Hillinger has a concave indentation that matches the curve on the back of the bottle. With no traditional label, the bottle’s minimal branding is limited to fine lettering on the neck of the bottle.

Strike Matchboxes by Shane Schneck and Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay

American product designer Shane Schneck and Swedish graphic designer Clara von Zweigbergk disposed of the usual branding on matchboxes to create their packaging for Hay, a Danish furniture company. Instead, the Strike Matchboxes give prime position to the striking surface, which is normally squeezed onto one side of the box.

Just in Case by Menosunocerouno

Mexican branding company Menosunocerouno faces the apocalypse in Minimalist style with this survival kit. Although it is packed full of items – including chocolate and hard liqueur – the design of the kit is simple and consistent, with everything wrapped in yellow and black.

Spectrum CD packaging by Spread

Tokyo design studio Spread used industrial materials to create this minimal CD packaging design for Japanese band Soutaiseiriron and American producer Jeff Mills’ track Spectrum. The light weight and lack of a CD jacket were intended “to convey deep consideration for the musicians’ work and the presence of the object itself.

Juices Packaging by The Juice Cleanse

The Juice Cleanse is The Juice Truck’s latest product. The brand imagery was created to highlight the core ingredients and freshness of the juices with distinct style and colour for promotional and brand material.

Organic Pasta Packaging by Harmonian

The Greek food company Harmonian opted for a design which conveys harmony and balance, as well as mathematical perfection through the spindle shape. Using Lucio Fontana’s famous Tagli (slash) pieces as additional inspiration, they designed simple white surfaces (packages) which are distinguished by the illusion of a cut.

Tea minimalist packaging by Zen Tea

The pastel color palette reflects the peacefulness the designer of Zen Tea wanted to convey. Tea embodies peace and harmony. After removing the minimalist part of the package (a metaphor for peace), we find a clear pattern on the packaging (a metaphor for harmony). The Pattern design consists of a doily, leaves and characteristic elements for each taste of tea.

Lipstick Packaging by Aschen and Voss 

A line of cosmetic packaging designed for Swiss newcomer Aschen and Voss, the packaging and identity seeks to combine the clean pharmaceutical heritage of Switzerland, as well as the formulation of the product, with a modern, cosmetic brand that appeals to the sophisticated urban shopper.


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Say goodbye to the boring brown pizza box. Pizza Hut, the famous American restaurant chain, is turning these greasy pieces of cardboard into a game board.

Starting from next month, the company will serve its medium pizzas in a Flick Football Field box. The design features a football field that is printed on top, and contains detachable goal posts, football triangles and a scorecard.

Flick football is a tabletop game traditionally played with a piece of paper that has been folded into a small triangle. Players flick the “football” back and forth across a table. They score points based on where the football lands.

“We know our fans enjoy a little competition and we’re happy to provide a platform that lets them get in the game in a whole new way,” David Timm, Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

Customers are invited to share videos of their flick football skills for a chance to win free pizza from the chain’s $5 Flavor Menu. Prizes will be awarded weekly based on different challenges posed by Pizza Hut.

The American ‘pizza giant’ is no stranger to unconventional cardboard pizza box promotions. Last August the company debuted a DJ deck box in the U.K.

Pizza Hut launched the world’s first fully working DJ turntables created entirely from one of their pizza boxes. The playable platter allows hungry wannabe DJs to spin tunes while enjoying a slice of the cheesy Italian delicacy. It has been created in conjunction with printed electronics experts Novalia. It features two decks, a cross-fader, pitch volumes, cue buttons and the ability to rewind music.

The playable DJ decks sync via Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone or laptop with pro DJ software such as Serato.

DJ P Money and Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra, recently showed off the playable pizza box’s musical capabilities. “It takes a little while to get your head around the fact you’re controlling a mix through a cardboard pizza box but it’s crazy just how responsive and sensitive the controls are,” said DJ Vectra.

Kath Austin, from Pizza Hut, stated: “Music and food is the ultimate combo – we know our customers love listening to their favourite tunes over a pizza and we’ve now given our collection customers the chance to combine and enjoy the two in the most innovative way.”

Enjoy DJ Vectra playing with the pizza box:


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Shoe brand Camper and fashion brand Ally Capellino have developed prototypes for Pinãtex creator Carmen Hijosa

New material company Ananas Anam has developed an innovative, natural and sustainable non-woven textile called Piñatex™, made from pineapple leaves fibres. Piñatex has evolved from seven years of R&D to create a new material that provides an animal-friendly alternative to leather.

The company was created by Dr Carmen Hijosa. Her journey began in Spain, but her career has taken her across the globe during the past 15 years. She worked in both the design and manufacture of leather goods for many years, before going to the Philippines to carry out further research into the development of products made from natural fibres. The breakthrough happened when she realised that she could make a non-woven textile, a fabric bonded together without knitting or weaving from the long fibres found in pineapple leaves.

London-based studio SmithMatthias has designed a bag and iPad case from Piñatex

Piñatex utilises waste taken from pineapple plantations in the Philippines, with local factories separating the strands and felting them together into a non-woven fabric that can be used for clothes, footwear or furniture. An estimated 40,000 tonnes of this pineapple waste is generated globally each year.

Around 480 leaves go into the creation of a single square metre of Piñatex, which weighs and costs less than a comparable amount of leather.

The fabric is breathable and flexible, and can be printed on and stitched. It’s also available to purchase on a roll, avoiding the wastage caused by irregularly shaped leather hides.

Fashion brand Ally Capellino created prototype products made from the fabric

Currently the material includes a non-biodegradable protective top layer for durability, although the company is working towards a natural alternative that would make the fabric fully biodegradable.

Belgian-Lebanese designer Mayya Saliba made a handbag from the fabric, which also featured in the graduate exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art 

Piñatex harnesses advanced technologies to create a totally sustainable high performance natural textile, and while discovering the possibilities of pineapple fibre and partnered with local weavers to experiment with transforming it into a mesh.

Piñatex not only creates a vibrant new industry for pineapple growing countries, but also provides new additional income for local farmers.

Local factories in the Philippines separate strands and felt them together into a non-woven fabric

Piñatex fibres are the by-product of the pineapple harvest: no extra land, water, fertilizers or pesticides are required to produce them. The company also involves a patented pending technology that protects both the process and the finished material; no pineapples are therefore harmed in the making of Piñatex.

Hijosa, the founder of the company, showed prototypes by shoe brand Camper and fashion brand Ally Capellino in 2014 as part of a PhD graduate exhibition at the Royal College of Art. Moreover, she was the recipient of the Arts Foundation’s 2016 Award for Materials Innovation.

Pinãtex can be purchased on a roll, avoiding wastage caused by irregularly shaped leather hides




Sand-made packaging re-establishes the ritual of discovering a gift and the concept of sustainable packaging.

This particular packaging, created by Alien and Monkey, a design workshop by Daishu Ma (writer and illustrator), and Marc Nicolau (industrial designer), isn’t one to be expected. It is indeed designed to house not only a small gift, but also a product that is not created by man, but by sea. Their packaging for sand is quite unique as it borders between art and design worlds, using the product it contains as the substrate and transforming it into a solid cinder block-like shape.

When you open it, you have the feeling of breaking into the structure, like cracking an egg. Knowing that it can never return to the state it once was in, introduces a whole new experience for the user.

“As an answer to the increase of waste in modern society, once our sand packaging has fulfilled its purpose, it can be broken down to sand and disposed directly back to the environment. Our hand made sand packaging design explores ritual and psychologies behind the process of discovering a gift.” – Alien and Monkey.

The gift is sealed inside this sand packaging, and by breaking it, its hidden content can be revealed. According to the creators of this unique packaging, destroying it during its opening provides a sensory experience and creates a long-lasting memory for the person who discovers the gift.

Daishu Ma and Marc Nicolau employed traditional ceramics techniques and a touch of alchemy particles of sand, mixed with other natural minerals, and then compressed and dried them. This material does not contain any resin or glue and therefore it is 100% ecofriendly.

“Because sand is a locally available resource nearly everywhere on our planet, it can be made where it’s needed, reducing the need for shipping.”