Santa Rita
Santa Rita 120 Wine Gift Packaging
A bottle of wine is a classic hostess gift. In fact, 60% of wine packages are bought as gifts. One of Chile’s largest wine groups, Santa Rita had this in mind when they contacted us to collaborate on thier gift packaging.Together with their... Read the post
Live It
Live It Experience Packaging
Their initial idea was to use printed-paper with soft touch lamination. Since they wanted their box to look beautiful but also feel nice, we introduced them to soft touch paper. We provided them with samples of both types of boxes so that they... Read the post
Gondo Gifts Experience Packaging
Swedbrand has been collaborating with Gondo Gifts since May 2016, when we first met them during one of our business trips in Sweden. They already had an idea in mind for their packaging, but we helped them with some improvements they had envisioned. They were looking for... Read the post
15 Creative perfume Bottle Designs
As for a multitude of products, for perfume and cologne, the consumer tends to pay more for the design and marketing of the bottle and the sort of “story” of the fragrance, than for the actual scented alcohol solution itself. Therefore, we tend to truly... Read the post
15 Creative Jewelry Packaging Designs
The way you package your merchandise is a reflection of the quality and value of your product. When it comes to jewelry; design and quality are crucial, so jewelry packaging is no different. Customers pick out the perfect item for their loved ones and they... Read the post
10 Eco-friendly Luxury Packaging Designs
Nowadays consumers are becoming more and more environmentally aware and are seeking out more sustainable lifestyle choices. Packaging manufacturers are responding by ensuring their materials and processes are as eco-friendly as possible. But how about luxury packaging trends? There is increasing public and industry pressure... Read the post