Cheerful packaging

Cheerful packaging

In a business environment, smiling is extremely powerful. It can be your best sales technique, your leadership signature, the way you create trust and much more.


Let me share a story with you: Once I was in a sales meeting, everything was prepared and it was very productive… However, once we finished it, my manager gave me precious feedback: “You forgot to smile”, I said: “Really? I was not aware of that”. This is my manager who shared with me that at the end of his day, what counts for him in terms of success is the fun he had.

This is an interesting and inspiring perception for doing business! Apart from the reasons life gives you, smiling can be effective and successful for your business too – have a look at some benefits listed below:


– It will help you to connect with others. That is why great leaders smile!

– It decreases your stress. If you are feeling pressure about your to-do list, your targets, if you are uncertain… simply smile and it will calm you down.


All these positive aspects must be the reason why smiles cheer up the packaging industry as well! Designs can awaken emotions, bring out happy thoughts through a colorful palette and influence others in the most positive way. Although we often connect a smile with humans, check out how happy these dogs look on the packaging design. Observe how a smile can make a can of cider or a package of milk irresistible and much more!

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Written by
Henar Cabrera