Chinese New Year Packaging

Chinese New Year Packaging

China is getting ready for the most important event of the year: the Chinese New Year (CNY), or Spring Festival. Starting this Sunday, the whole country will cease business to enjoy a great week (or more sometimes) of family reunions.

CNY is celebrated to leave the past behind and to look ahead with a fresh start, which includes new clothes and a new haircut.

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How is the Chinese packaging influenced by this event, which is fervently celebrated by more than 1.35 billion people? As previously mentioned in previous
blog post, Chinese consumers like brands that closely interact with their lives. It’s particularly important to consider the logo, typeface, colors and shape of the packaging. For example, the color red is perceived well for Chinese people but the color white isn’t. You need to know the cultural differences of the group you want to target.

This year is the Year of the Monkey, so some companies add a monkey on their packaging for their CNY sales, as seen on the image above.

Most families get together for CNY and eating great food is one of the main activities. Because most people travel across the country for this family reunion and bring food, it is easy to find big packs of food that are nicely wrapped and that come with handles to make them easier to carry along the journey.

We take this opportunity to inform you that our Shanghai office will be closed during the following week. We will re-open on Monday, February 15

We wish you a happy Chinese New Year.  新年快乐 !

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