Creative packaging for bakeries

Creative packaging for bakeries

Sometimes many of us may think that there’s nothing better than bread and croissants in life. This alone is already a great reason to make the most out of the packaging for bakeries and in the end the consumer can be delighted using all senses.

Although some small bakeries in villages have kept the same packaging for decades, there is so much creativity out there – you just need to open your eyes.

Here are some examples of bakery and cake packaging designs that not only attract attention but that could also be the subject of conversation:

Louis Harden cafe packaging is extremely inspiring. Their somehow childish and vintage style illustrations have built a brand character, like the cups and bread paper bags shown in the picture above.

The following packaging stands out as well: it is such a simple, illustrated paper bag for a bakery shop but the design with the three loaves of bread is outstanding.

The gnome bread’s pinch of creativity can make the bread even more irresistible.

A very specific and decorative box designed to hold a single cupcake that looks just as good as the treat itself. The box playfully mimics an actual cupcake and keeps the cupcake securely in place, this way avoiding damage during transportation.

Written by
Henar Cabrera

Source: TheDieline

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