Cultura Case Study

This month’s case study is about Cultura, a French distribution company belonging to the Sodival holding company. It is the third company specializing in the commercialization of cultural and creative goods and leisure activities in France.

Cultura, as the name suggests, strives to be the first choice in France when it comes to culture. They are specialized in the distribution of products which can help exercise, train and develop their clients’ brains and minds. From books, CDs, DVDs to canvas and painting tools. Their motto is ‘L’esprit Jubile’, which in French means ‘Joyful Spirit’.

The company is growing fast and planning to open more stores in the coming years as the business gets stronger.

The Challenge

When we started our relationship with Cultura, they were looking into developing a final product combining good quality and affordable prices, but still being able to control the entire supply chain, something which is very difficult in China.

Their new policy was aiming at improving their own brand in each product category. Given this basic information, we started developing a project for their “Do It Yourself” department. They wanted to increase the presence of their corporate brand from 30% to 70%. That’s how we started to work on their 2017 Christmas Advent Calendar Project.

The policy of the company is now becoming more and more challenging in terms of ecological, social and ethical requirements; so our main challenge was to develop a product composed entirely of paper. The second main challenge we encountered was to meet the target price they had set for the company.

We started to collaborate closely with Cultura to meet their needs and expectations.

The Process

We managed to overcome these challenge by always trying to cooperate closely, getting quick feedback in order to be able to provide them with product adjustments during every step of the process.

Not only the communication with the client was clear and constant, but also the communication between our different departments worked smoothly and in the most efficient way possible. Our Project Manager and Merchandiser worked closely, evaluating all the possible options with the factory.

We decided to opt for a simpler die-cut and smaller size in order to use standard machines and save costs.

During the development of the project, Cultura’s buyer came to visit our factory in China. This way we had the chance to show him how our factory partner respects all the ethical and social European requirements.

The Result

The result of this collaboration is a cute, ecological and playful product. It’s the first of Swedbrand productions resulting in a final product to display directly on the shelf.

This product is still a test for Cultura, since they have never developed this kind of project before, but our partner is so happy with the result that they are planning to take it to the next level, reordering the product with a different design and in bigger quantities for next year. And we couldn’t be happier!




‘Le Calendrier de l’Avent est toujours un évènement très attendu par nos clients et en particulier les enfants !

Cette année, avec le calendrier « puzzle » codéveloppé avec Swedbrand, nous offrons la possibilité aux familles de créer, jouer, et préparer le plus beau des Noel.

Ce calendrier de l’Avent est emballé dans une boite pouvant être réutilisée à volonté par les enfants.

Un travail collaboratif avec l’équipe de Swedbrand nous a permis de maîtriser de À à Z le développement et la production de ce produit !’


‘The arrival of the Advent Calendar is an event that all our clients, and especially their children, look forward to every year!

This year, with the « puzzle » calendar co-developed with Swedbrand, we are offering families the possibility to create, play, and prepare the most beautiful Christmas ever.

This advent calendar is wrapped up in a box that can be reused over and over again by the kids.

Our cooperation with the Swedbrand team allowed us to have complete control over the entire project, from the development to the production of the Calendar!’


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