Cute And Fruity Packaging Inspiration To Keep You Motivated

Did you also make resolutions this year to be healthy, workout and eat more fruit and veggies? It can be hard to keep up with all the sweet temptations out there, but try to remind yourself of your goal and the positive benefits. Not only will veggies and fruit give you more vitamins and energy, but since it contains less calories you can also eat much more.

But how can you keep your healthy goals for the rest of the year? We would suggest these 3 simple steps: Be realistic, make a plan and reward yourself. But to be honest, the biggest help for us packaging nerds is to have a cute food or drink packaging containing your freshly squeezed juice or veggies. Don’t you agree?

Take a look at these 14 cute packaging’s we have collected to help you stay motivated.

1.Juice packaging, isn’t this tempting?

2.Sparkling water with fruit flavor

3.Strawberry flavor on everything please

4.Funny and squeezy fruit packs

5.Carrot or oranges? We love it either way

6.Juicy and simple

7.Who doesn’t love the healthy and delicious avocado?!

8.Notepads to remind you of eating a fruit a day

9.Hard to find something sweeter than this

10.A more stylish berry-packaging

11.Playful orange juice

12.Sweet box packaging

13.Real Pineapple or just packaging?

14.Adorable packaging design