With money to be made in the pet industry, numerous companies are focusing on providing a great experience for their customer as well as their pets. And invoking emotions with eye-catching and informative packaging is a great strategy to make people buy your product.

If you sell products targeted towards pet owners, remember that cheaper isn’t always better. People want the best for their pets, and pet owners are usually very well informed.

In order to stand out from the crowd, not only companies need to make products that are able to provide more benefits than their competitors, but also their packaging needs to be striking. Below you will find some great examples of the most creative pet based packaging designs for you to get inspired from!

Petcurean Go!

Genesis Dog Food

A Little Bird

Natural Instinct

Poo Poo Bag

Vet’s Kitchen

Purina Be Happy

Pams’ Pet Food

Dog Shells

Snookums Cat Food 

Oh My Dog

Organic Oscar

Mr. Dog

The Dapper Dog

Frolic Pet