Design inspiration: Visit to the Most Beautiful Swiss Books & Swiss Poster Exhibition

Alongside the Design Team, I went to the “Most Beautiful Swiss Books & Swiss Poster Exhibition” here in Shanghai, selected by a panel of juries. The design levels of book covers and posters being evaluated, the competition assesses the general concept of the book, its originality, the editorial design and the front layout as well as the printing, packaging and materials.


Lu Jingren, a respected Chinese artist and book designer, explains: “Swiss Style is highlighted by its use of grids in mathematical structures, sanserif typography and asymmetry layouts”.





Innovative graphic designs were exposed and the exhibition also showed original book cover materials such as M. Oppenheim’s “Worte nicht in giftige Buchstaben einwickeln”.










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An inspiring visit for potential upcoming designs!


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As the show’s preface so nicely puts it: “What should we designers do on reflecting how many good books that we have made are interesting to and valuable to attract our readers to look by eyes, touch by hands and read by heart?”

This same questioning can be transferred to the challenges our design team is facing when designing good packaging.


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Source: ShanghaiDaily