Discovering the Chinese Olive Oil Market

Discovering the Chinese Olive Oil Market

Olive oil producers are eyeing China’s immense market, which is now indicating a growth rate of about 100%. Chinese consumers’ interest about olive oil is indeed increasing and they are becoming more health conscious as well. So far most of the olive oil consumption takes place in the big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai while the rest of the Middle Kingdom is still a huge market to explore.

In China, olive oil is considered a respectful and luxurious gift containing a “western” touch. That is why during special events, such as Chinese New Year, olive oil sales rocket upwards to twice the usual amount or more. Since most of the famous olive oil brands in China are imported, how is it possible for China to experience a rise in the status of olive oil as a food product?

In order to enter new markets and gain a stable position, companies know that they have to create a strong brand image. Innovative packaging and design represent essential steps for them. Here are a few examples of the most sophisticated olive oil designs which definitely helped companies conquer new markets.

Have a look at this interactive packaging for extra virgin olive oil. A part of the label in the shape of a circle can be pulled off the packaging and it can be easily used for pouring the oil without dripping.

Packaging helps express the superior quality of such a unique and healthy product. Check out this ‘Olive oil and gold’ gift box, a combination that is turning rapidly into ‘the perfect taste of luxury’. ΔOGMA Olive Oil is another example for eloquent packaging with its bottle showcasing a unique letter shaped like a drop of oil.

This Elegant bottle and box design is created to articulate the high-quality essence of olive oil and to add a bit of extravagance to the kitchen.

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Written by

Alessandra Ruggeri

Liudmila Pape