E-Commerce Packaging Infographics

There’s no doubt that online shopping is becoming more and more popular among shoppers around the world. By 2018, the number of users buying online is expected to hit more than 50% of total internet users worldwide.

And as online consumers continue to grow exponentially across industries, it has become critical that companies and industry organizations work together to increase efficiencies in all aspects of the supply chain, from packaging to distribution.

This not only includes businesses that have brick-and-mortar locations along with an online option, but those that have an exclusively online presence as well. As brands try to engage customers on a more personal level, consumers are looking for interesting and creative packaging methods when they make a purchase.

Custom packaging is indeed the first tactile experience that an e-commerce customer has with the brand itself, so it is essential to make a positive first impression.

In order to understand better consumer preferences around custom packaging and how shopping frequency and spending impacts those preferences, we prepared an Infographic for you to enjoy!

Take a look at it!

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