Eco-Friendly Coffee Brand Creates the World’s First Compostable Coffee Capsules

In our search for eco-friendly packaging and recyclable alternatives, we have stumbled upon something we believe to be a perfect solution for today’s overconsumption of coffee capsules.

Halo is a company that has created a bio-degradable coffee capsule that you can use at home with your Nespresso machine. The capsules today are normally made out of aluminum or plastic, something that takes time and effort for people to recycle. Therefore, a lot of the capsules unfortunately end up in the bin.

Did you know…

… that 39 thousand coffee capsules are being made every minute all around the world?

… and that’s over 20 billion capsules made of aluminum or plastic that are being produced every year, and almost 3/4 of them end up in the landfill!

Halo has the solution to this. Their capsules are made out of bamboo and paper pulp, which are entirely organic materials. They are designed to protect the coffee flavor within with the help of a blend of compostable natural fibers.

During the last 100 years the focus of coffee has shifted from good flavor to reduced costs, something halo wishes to change. Their coffee gets its unique flavor from being roasted using wood. And their unique design of the capsule and its material ensures the maximum flavor.

But the challenge they have faced has been to create a capsule that is compatible with the Nespresso machines, and at the same time compostable. There shouldn’t be any effort or worry for people to recycle the capsules, so thanks to Halo you can just throw them in the food bin to decompose! Isn’t it great?

Right now Halo has dedicated in-house researchers, working on all areas of sustainability, hoping that capsules made of harmful aluminum and plastic will soon be gone.

If you want to find out more about it watch their video below:


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