A Funny and Inventive Way to Promote Paper-Based Packaging


Paper and paper-based packaging products are an integral part of our lives, helping us reach our goals and keep our goods and products safe. The Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB) was created to slow down the decline in paper consumption and increase the use of paper-based packaging.

The board accomplishes these goals by promoting the benefits and value of paper through the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds Campaign, which uses animated brand characters to create more visibility for products made from paper, promoting the use of eco-friendly materials in everyday life, and enhancing consumer connections and awareness.


“We launched the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds campaign in 2015, and we are thrilled to introduce these new characters to help consumers nationwide recognise and remember the value of paper in their everyday lives.” explained Mary Anne Hansan, president of P+PB.

The brand ambassadors look like a carton box and a pile of blank papers, designed to increase demand for paper and paper-based packaging. Attracting customers and future clients by providing a good mood and big smile. The cuteness of the characters makes people re-familiarize with and get closer to the concept and use of paper, meaning that paper brings good vibes and is better than plastic!


“Paper and packaging products are prevalent in our lives, and it was our goal to create highly – relatable characters to represent the vital roles that paper and packaging play for each and every one of us” said Mary Anne Hansan.

The animated ambassadors were created by US advertising agency Cramer-Krasselt. They will appear on TV as well as on social media channels, through digital advert campaigns and YouTube along with several US magazines, including Forbes, ESPN and US Weekly

Todd Stone, group creative director at Cramer-Krasselt, said: “We literally brought paper and packaging to life as animated characters to highlight paper’s timeless power and relevance in our increasingly digital world. Through decades of technological innovation, paper remains one of the most effective ways to learn, communicate and share ideas. And nothing keeps the items you care about safe during transit better than corrugated packaging.”


These funny and friendly characters will appear in photo-realistic scenarios, such as in a library, an orchard, or next to an award show podium, while the digital and broadcast videos will feature papers in a boardroom helping execute a meeting and packaging transporting goods from warehouse to a house’s doorstep.