Gardening Inspiring Packaging

Gardening Inspiring Packaging

With the fast-paced lives that most people live nowadays, it comes as no surprise that people are looking for ways to relax and unwind. Hobbies and entertainment are all aimed at relaxation of both mind and body. And gardening is one of those.

Gardening lovers may have different schools of thought, but what gets all of them together is their opinion about packaging.

Garden tools and seeds used to be packed in the most boring (some can argue “classic”) way until not so long ago. Let’s have a look at the most outstanding and unique examples of packaging for gardening available on the market today.

Gardening kit by Croatian company Holcim – Agrocal powder – Reusable packaging designed by Andrej Glavicic.

The packaging solution of this beautiful gardening kit aims to pack the product in ecological, easily degradable paper that uses only one color in print. It is set in a wooden box that is not supposed to be disposed off, but repurposed and reused by gardeners. Different motivational sayings are carved on the box in order to encourage gardeners to a kind of collecting. The principle of functionality within the retail space was the key point: the packaging is designed so that the boxes can be stacked one upon another, becoming an independent entity without having to struggle for a place on the shelves in the usually crowded agriculture supply stores. Another very important functional element for the customer is the possibility to have an easy transport by means of a handle on the box.

Gardening set by Urban Oasis Gardening Kit Packaging – Designer Andrea Mangone

Urbanoasis wants to reconnect people with nature in the urban environment by making growing vegetables on your balcony a fun, educative and engaging experience.

The package includes a pot, dried soil plus fertilizer, gardening tools, seeds and a watering can. The pot, with its modern and minimal look, was designed to fit perfectly both on a balcony or indoor.

Seedspoon concept design created by Ragini Sahai and Bryn Hobson.

This conceptualized innovative seed packaging combines three products (seed package, lightweight wooden shovel, and gardening label) into one purchase.

“Growyourown” packaging by Adam Paterson and Santi Tonsukha

By using the corrugated structure, the seeds are held in thin rows, which are the perfect ‘v’ shape to allow them to be very easily and controllably shaken out.

The new measuring tape style has embedded seeds with 10 cm markers on it, making it easy to simply pull out the desired length, tear it off and lay it in the ground.

Seedboms by Kabloom – design company based in Scotland.

Their slogan is “Throw it, grow it”.

All you need to do is a few easy steps: shake it! Soak it! Throw it! Grow it!

There is no time framing or place restrictions. You can use it anywhere and anytime.

Seeds packaging by Croatian designer Marčetić Marinovic

It is made of recycled paper laminated on both sides, while the third remains rounded and gives ‘air’ seeds. The appearance of the packaging gives information on what seeds are, and there is also background information as well as tips on the planting and breeding process.


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