Go veggie packaging!

Could you imagine that one day mushrooms can turn into a wrapper for the bottle of wine? Or that edible packing for beverage can render the whole thing into a tasty treat? Today’s demand for recycling materials brought these innovative ideas into reality.

In 2011 Dell introduced mushroom-based packaging and is going to reintroduce the technology this year. At the same time Ikea signed the contract with packaging companies to produce wrapper from this product.

An ordinary mushroom box

We can go further with that, potatoes may be changed into an eco-friendly pack. As an example,
Potatopak Company suggests to make use of potato starch for packaging in order to utilize waste streams efficiently.

Stylish eco-friendly potato plates

Meanwhile, edible packaging is being touted as food technology’s next Big Thing. A delicious newcomer in food technology,
WikiCells, is an edible membrane made from food particles that can imitate shapes found in nature, such as grape skins.

Wikicell is made from natural, edible foods

For sure, this list of future market-changers in the packaging industry will continue to grow creating a non-standard approach to the traditional packaging.

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Written by

Liudmila Pape