Green Color Packaging Designs

Many of todays packaging designs and innovations aim to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible. Every brand is now struggling to make as small an impact as possible on the earth. This is often shown and illustrated in combination with the color green.

Did you know that the color green itself is believed to give a restful and reassuring feeling, and stands for balance?! Here at Swedbrand we are big fans of green, so we took the time  to do some research and gathered some restful and balanced packaging designs in the color green for you to enjoy. Have a look!

1. A green design to show what’s inside, by Matthew Prosser

2. Cosmetics packaging “Angel Baby” by branding studio

3. Design Womb created this classy packaging for Vrai

4. Green macarons by Ladurée

5. Siegenthaler &Co designed this ice cream packaging for Selva Nevada

6. Inspice, a high-end herbal brand

7. Artisan chocolate bars Designed by Alexandra Rusu

8. Mr.Chuck Cokes Concept Packaging Design

9. Coffee packaging by Starbucks

10. Lemonade in a green and classic packaging

11. Natural products with natural packaging

12. Green in more than one way

13. White and green in perfect combination

14. Emporio Tea Packaging Designed by Inject Design

15. Dot Creative Studio created this packaging for Olive’secret

16. VITA Health & Juice Bar

17. Vintage Package Designs Used for Modern Products


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