Have You Ever Seen a Cooler Gift Card Holder?

Have You Ever Seen a Cooler Gift Card Holder?

Do you remember Andrew Zo, the Vancouver-based designer who invented an engagement ring case that can be easily hidden in your pockets? He’s back.

This time he thought of a gift card holder, which was developed out of the need to make gift-card-giving more presentable. The design displays the card in a swift pop up motion, creating a delightful experience for the user. It features a 2-piece construction as well as a lock mechanism that keeps the card shut.

Traditionally, pop-up mechanisms often require complex constructions. To ensure easy assembly, much of the design went into simplifying the dieline, making it more suitable for mass production.

So far the feedback has been really positive, but let’s wait and see if this smart invention will have the same success as the engagement ring box!

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