How important is customized packaging to strengthen your brand?

How important is customized packaging to strengthen your brand?

Customized packaging is all about making sure that the package is reflecting the values represented by the brand and the product, this way making it convenient for customers to purchase, carry and use it. Customized packaging is an essential element for marketing since it draws attention to the product and the brand. There are many ways customized packaging can help strengthen your product’s brand. Here are a few:

Brand visibility and perception

A customized package increases the visibility of your brand in a way that few other product elements do. Take the case of the cardboard packaging used by Amazon for delivering its products. It is still brown cardboard but thanks to the distinct black logo and information printed onto it, you know that your Amazon purchase has arrived, even from a 15m distance. We can also notice that the shape of this package has been specifically designed to represent Amazon.

Product quality and shelf life

One of the key functions of product packaging is to maintain the quality of the product. This is particularly true when it comes to perishables and foodstuff. It is also applicable to other types of products such as paints, medicines and chemicals. A box of donuts from Krispy Kreme, for example, is light and easy to carry, and it is also manufactured according to a specific design and shape to keep the donuts fresh and unspoiled for the recommended time frame.

Handy to carry and to transport goods

An underestimated benefit of customized packages is that they are handy to carry and to transport around. If you look at the way a new desktop computer is backed in a box, there are some fundamental aspects that are added to its design, such as the protrusions at the sides of it where you can insert your palms and lift the package, even if it is very heavy. This may seem to be a small thing, but it is actually one essential aspect of good package design.

Extra protection and safety for fragile items

Customized packaging plays an important role in ensuring that products are packed and transported in a safe manner. This is particularly true for products that are fragile or have sharp edges. Consider the case of a delicate piece of art made of glass. Here the package needs a specific size and it has to be packed in a manner that ensures enough cushioning plastic around it to protect it against impacts during transport.

Eco friendliness

Given the contemporary concerns about the environment, packaging made of recycled materials is a big deal nowadays. Most packages today have a certain amount of recycled material blended in. But customized packages allow you to go one step further to come up with packages that are even more eco-friendly.

Product differentiation

Customized packages can be created in a way that they fully differentiate the product from the mass. Packaging is key to product differentiation, probably the next most important thing after the product itself. Many parameters can add to the uniqueness of packaging including shape, texture and feel, color and graphics.

Reduced delivery costs

While the cost of developing and producing customized packages may be high, delivery costs tend to come down with the use of customized packages. This is primarily due to the fact that customized packages are specifically designed to a particular shape and form for efficiency.

The amount of cost savings that can be gained is often surprisingly high, even as high as 30%!


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