How Unboxing Videos Can Influence Consumers’ Decisions

Do you think Pop Stars and Hollywood actors are the most influential celebrities at the moment? Forget about it. Vlogging, Blogging and Unboxing Videos have earned many people millions of views, followers and dollars.

Open YouTube and type in “Unboxing”. You will get over 60 million results at this moment. The channel “Unbox Therapy” is one of the most clicked ones. Nine million subscriptions, over 1.6 billion views. Lewis Hilsenteger created this account in 2010 and, after watching about fifteen videos by him, we started to understand why so many people come to watch him unbox the latest technology.

Here is an example:

So why do people love to watch Unboxing Videos?

The phenomenon of Unboxing Videos includes everything from food to beauty products and luxury clothes – in fact, one in five consumers say they have watched some kind of Unboxing Video. But why are we so obsessed with these Videos?

The packaging company Rajapack has done research on this topic and suggests that it’s simply a form of voyeurism. While watching an Unboxing Video, we can imagine ourselves opening the package and enjoying it almost as much as the person doing it in the Video.

How Brands and Packaging Companies can benefit from Unboxing Videos?

Unboxing Videos are a simple way of getting a good review of the product. The viewers trust their favorite YouTuber more than an advertising company. According to Mintel’s January 2016 US Beauty Retailing report, 39% of U.S. adults who are social media users and have purchased beauty products in the last 12 months agree that Unboxing Videos and Social Media encourage them to buy particular products.

Unboxing Videos have such a big influence, and even power to persuade or dissuade the consumers’ purchasing behavior. Brand owners and packaging companies need to understand the potential that these Videos hold. The packaging is extremely important because the viewers imagine themselves opening the package. If you have ever purchased an iPhone or Apple Product in general, we are sure you haven’t thrown the packaging away because it’s just too beautiful to end up in the trash.

Unboxing videos should also become part of new product and packaging development projects. E-Commerce Companies will increase the packaging standards in the next years. Higher quality, more functional and better looking. That’s why we at Swedbrand believe in the power of packaging, as: “you never get a second chance to make a first impression!”.