IKEA’s cookbook cooks your food for you!

IKEA has given the world furniture and Swedish meatballs, and now they are giving a helping hand in the kitchen. In the IKEA stores in Canada you now have the chance to buy the first IKEA Easy Recipe Series Cookbook. It consists of food-safe ink on parchment papers with easy instructions for simple dishes for you to cook.

So how does it work? All you have to do is put the ingredients in the right place on the parchment paper, that shows you exactly where everything goes, then put it all in the oven, and the result is your perfectly cooked dinner. Can it be any easier?

On the paper there is a place for every ingredient, and also the measurements for everything. For example, an eight of a teaspoon of black pepper, or one minced garlic clove. There are also outlines for the protein you should put on there, like the salmon for example. After putting everything together, you roll it up and put it in the oven. The papers this way work both as a recipe and as cooking wrapper. Simple and easy!

According to a video on the campaign, IKEA realised that people are a bit scared of trying new recipes and new food. This way they wanted to show just how easy and simple it can be. The recipes in this new cookbook range from salmon to ravioli with meatballs.

This is a very creative and innovative idea, and also a very clean way of cooking. But most of all, it is very fun, like a big coloring book for adults, that you can eat.

We are looking forward to see if this campaign hits the stores again!

Here you can watch the full campaign video:




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