This month Swedbrand prepared some infographics about Retail Ready Packaging.

Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) or Shelf Retail Packaging (SRP) is a packaging approach growing in popularity that allows products to be ready for sale or merchandising with nominal opening or setup. It also meets other advantages such as the ease of opening and identifying products.

The use of RRP has been growing among retailers for nearly a decade. At first, its presence seemed a bit of a novelty and was easily noticeable. Now, retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods companies have incorporated it into their merchandising in all channels — from convenience stores to warehouse stores.

For example, Walmart uses RRP extensively in some grocery segments such as baby food, candy and pet food. On the basis of their end-use, applications are segmented into food, beverages, bakery, electronics, flowers, and health & beauty.

The most important facts about Retail Ready Packaging are presented in the infographics below.