Interview at Packmarknaden magazine: Hey Chris!

Interview at Packmarknaden magazine: Hey Chris!

On May 12th our very own Chris Magnusson is speaking in Sweden, he will be attending an event in Stockholm focusing on retail packaging. This is what wanted to ask Chris before the event.

What will you speak about at the event?

I will speak about the importance of localization of your packaging when entering a new market; I’ll mainly speak about China, as this is where I have most experience after living there for many years. But also in general terms.

I will point out ways to distinguish yourself from your competitors in stores and in terms of packaging development.

What is Swedbrand innovations?

It’s our Swedish branch within the Swedbrand Group, where we work on developing new innovations primarily for the packaging industry. For the Scandinavian market we’re now launching our innovations TouchingLight and Topflow, but there are more to come.

Today we have 6 employees and just opened our new office at Sturegatan in Stockholm. We also have people in Sweden now overseeing the packaging production for our Scandinavian clients. The company started 10 years ago by me and my business partner Zaid Bunni.

What’s special about packaging in your opinion?

I love the challenge to find new solutions for a client that will then generate higher sales numbers for them. We work with developing concepts and design for the client needs without having production of our own, which gives a lot of freedom in what materials we can use as well as best geographical location for that production. This is an advantage for us at Swedbrand in comparison to how traditional packaging companies are working.

What do you hope to gain from your participation at the event?

I hope to spread the word about our company Swedbrand Group. I hope it gives us great exposure. We are growing really fast at the moment and will have to staff up the upcoming year here in Stockholm. I want grow my network here in Sweden, meet new contacts and strengthen the relationship with existing ones. I also hope to find new partners and investments.

What is your advise to someone who is thinking about joining the event?

Come and be inspired, look around what’s happening in your surroundings. If you’re thinking of export I have good advice on how to avoid big mistakes that could end up being very expensive.

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