Jackfruit Plates are Both Useful and Edible



Are you one of those people who hate doing the dishes? Well, we have a new delicious option for you. Plates and cutlery made of jackfruit!

Researches in India have developed this new tasty innovation where plates and cutlery can be made out of parts of the jackfruit. The horny pine and sticky core, which normally are thrown away after the sweet fruit is consumed, now serve as the perfect material for making these edible plates and cutleries.


“We wanted to develop a healthy-yet-tasty cone to hold the millet ice cream. We searched for a suitable base and found that the jackfruit’s bracts, axis, seed and the fleshy, sticky, fibrous nut holders offered a healthy and economic alternative to the regular cones made of atta and corn flour,” IIFPT Director C. Anandharamakrishnan said.

India’s jackfruit production is about 1.7 million tons a year and they hope this new cost-effective innovation can also help tackle the malnutrition amongst children in the country.


“These jackfruit plates will provide long-range benefits to everyone from the consumer, the environment, and farmers! If restaurants and canteens that currently use plastic plates switch to the innovation, the demand for jackfruits will naturally rise, giving an additional boost to the agricultural industry. Since you can eat the plate or dump it into your waste garbage, it is also eco-friendly.”

We love this win-win situation and hope to see more edible options in the future!