LH Cosmetics Case Study

LH Cosmetics Case Study

This month’s case study is about LH Cosmetics, a Swedish cosmetic company that has just launched their make-up line. Linda Hallberg, an award-winning blogger and makeup artist, is the mastermind behind it all.

The Challenge

Swedbrand has been collaborating with LH Cosmetics since the beginning of 2016 to help them develop their vision: creating a new and innovative packaging line for their cosmetics. LH Cosmetics contacted us and we first met them in Stockholm at the beginning of the year.

They knew they had top-class make-up, so they needed a packaging that would be able to communicate the same feeling. They immediately liked our approach and decided to collaborate with us on their project.

During the past year, we have had several projects that we have worked on, all with a tight deadline to meet their launching dates.The Solution

In order to help the LH Cosmetics team develop their vision, we introduced them to innovative materials such as soft touch and to different kinds of paper, which were all new and exciting for them.

We started working on the production of the make-up kit and after that we proceeded with doing the packaging for the whole set of their make up brushes (foldable boxes).

We have had a close collaboration to figure out what kind of message they wanted to communicate through their packaging. They wanted their packaging to be not only visibly beautiful but also practical, since it is make-up we were dealing with after all. For this reason, we also made suggestions on the materials we believed would work best for LH Cosmetics’ various purposes.The Result

This project has turned into an extremely interesting collaboration and we are proud to say that we are helping them build their brand through exclusive packaging.

We are currently looking into the packaging development for the remaining part of their make-up line.

LH Cosmetics launched their new make-up line at the beginning of October and so far the feedback has been very positive. People are really enthusiastic about it!

We are looking forward to further assisting LH Cosmetics with its products as the brand grows stronger.



“We immediately fell for the soft touch material presented by Swedbrand. The package feels exclusive and the simplicity of the white print on the black package gives a wonderfully clean impression. It has been a great collaboration and we are looking forward to taking the next steps together with Swedbrand.”

Maja Nilsson, LH Cosmetics CEO

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