A ‘Light Of Hope’ For The Rainforest


“The black soul of coal brings light into the darkness.” Every good invention starts with a spark of inspiration.

Rainforests are tall, dense forests found all around the world and serve a significant purpose in the environment. They serve as the Earth’s oldest ecological system. They represent the basis for life on earth.

A natural rainforest emits and absorbs vast quantities of carbon dioxide. Without this tropical environment, the earth cannot breathe. Regardless of the fatal consequences for our future, the future of our children and toward the natural habitat for hundreds and hundreds endangered species, we are burning down 90.000 km2 of rainforest every year. What remains is ashes and coal.


The German designers Mitja Schneehage and Michael Wilde have developed a unique lamp with parts made of burnt forest wood, aimed to save our planet, one bulb at a time. The design concept is called ‘LIGHT OF HOPE’.

They invented a carbon-filament, manufactured with charcoal from the burned rainforest. A lamp that reminds us in its beauty of our cruelty to nature. Michael Wilde added “We took what’s lost to save what remains.” These designers saw a problem in the nature and, with their skills and knowledge, they tried to find a solution to it, “recycling” it. The message they want to send us is that every problem can be solved, even the global warming. We are only limited by our imagination.


The design of the lamp revolves around the filament-tree, providing space for a graceful and aesthetic presentation. To keep the lamp as pure as possible, it is based on the conventional structure of a carbon filament lamp. However, it elegantly adapts to the proportion of the shape and thus shows the tree in great genuineness. Small steel eyelets ensure the distance between the glowing vessel and the glass, giving the tree its unique form. In this way, the filament lights up in the lamp and reminds the people in a positive way to do something. It helps them get involved with the cause.

 A light for you, a spark of hope for the environment.