Live It Case Study

This month’s case study is about Live It. Founded in 2005 by two British nationals, Live It has been the driving force behind creating Sweden’s Experience industry, and has quickly risen to become Sweden’s market leader.

With over 2,000 unforgettable experiences from Kiruna to Ystad, Live it boasts an unrivalled choice to suit every taste, budget and occasion. Their experience gifts are beautifully packaged in their signature red box, so whether it is for a loved one, a friend, an acquaintance or a colleague, their gift experiences are guaranteed to thrill.

The Challenge

Swedbrand has been working with Live It since Autumn 2012. When we met them during one of our business trips to Sweden in 2016, they had just entered a new phase of their business, focusing more on marketing and updating their image.

They wanted to launch their biggest selling product before Christmas 2016, and they wanted it to look different, innovative, and beautiful, of course. A brand new red box.

So not only we had to respect their deadline, but we also had replicate their newly designed red box and find the exact combination of material, colour and shape.

They were looking for the perfect material, and the biggest challenge for us was to match the right colour, since the red box is their distinguishing feature. The Live It box is a rigid box made of a base and a lid, therefore we also needed to think of the perfect fit between these two parts.

Live It really liked our approach and decided to start working with us also on their red box project. We immediately put all our efforts into this project to meet their needs and expectations.

The Solution

Their initial idea was to use printed-paper with soft touch lamination. Since they wanted their box to look beautiful but also feel nice, we introduced them to soft touch paper.

We provided them with samples of both types of boxes so that they could see both options, and they eventually opted for the soft touch version.

One of the trickiest parts of this project was matching the right red, since the colour always changes according to the different kind of material it is used on. We also managed to find the perfect fit between base and lid, and obtain the ‘whoosh sound effect’ they were actually looking for. Two cut outs were then made in the inner part of the base to place the certificate and the information sheet.

The Result

Live It managed to launch their iconic red box in April, and therefore we were able to meet their expectations.

We are glad to be part of this important project and help them build their brand providing them with exclusive packaging solutions.

We are proud to say that this collaboration has turned out to be a great success for both of us and we are looking forward to developing further packaging solutions for Live It.

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