Make your packaging shine with glitter

Make your packaging shine with glitter

At Swedbrand we are passionate about new trends in the packaging industry. Therefore we always keep our eyes open for innovations like the one provided by a Spanish winery.

Vintas-Torres Oria has enhanced their sparkling wine with glitter.

Their key is to add some particles to the wine; the result is a beautiful visual effect similar to fire. And this upgrades the drinking experience beyond packaging.


This effect is increasingly important in a society that is becoming more and more focused on visual stimulations. Mobile phones and technology in general are a challenge for the traditional written communication. Pictures, graphics and stickers are the way we mainly communicate online nowadays. For this reason visual marketing is the key, no matter what product you want to sell.


Either the citrus flavor of this wine, the glitter innovation effect or maybe the combination of both, are bringing great success to this sparkling wine. It is being exported to a dozen of countries and their forecast is promising.

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Written by
Henar Cabrera

El Mundo