McDonalds Revamps Its Packaging

We all recognise the iconic red, yellow and white packaging with the big golden arches. But the fast food giant McDonald’s has decided to switch things up in order to target millennials and give a more consistent experience to its consumers. The company has opted for a complete facelift, where the previous colours have been exchanged for bright colours on brown paper, to give it a modern, organic and more eco-friendly look.

This is the first big change of design since 2013, and the new look really shows off its iconic golden arches. Hand in hand with this new redesign, the company also strives to create 100% fiber-based packaging from recycled or certified sustainable sources by 2020.

The fast food company is struggling to revamp its brand in the face of increasing health concerns, slumping sales and rising competition from other big fast food chains. “The new look is simple, fresh and consistent with our vision to be a modern and progressive burger company,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said.

Steve Easterbrook is the man that two years ago made it his mission to revitalize the 75-year–old company, and has since then increased the company’s sales and tried everything from serving all-day breakfast and sweet potato fries.

“While still in the early stages, we believe our turnaround plan is starting to generate the change needed to reposition McDonald’s as a modern, progressive burger company,” Mr. Easterbrook said.

And that’s not all, the company is even planning on shrinking its number of stores in the US by 59, which means it is the first time in at least 45 years that McDonald’s has closed more US stores then it has opened!

We now just have to wait and see how all this will affect the company, and if we can expect even more radical changes in the future!


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