Motivational packaging

Motivational packaging

In a noisy and hectic world, we appreciate to have some time to breathe more than ever. We all keep seeking for happiness in our personal life and we strive for fulfillment on the business side. Sometimes we tend to believe that it is the goal to achieve work/life balance.

Although the market can be extremely competitive, at the end we need to focus on what really matters and we need to be fully present in the now. Small details such as a sincere smile, a genuine compliment from the boss or a warm cup of coffee in the office can make someone’s day!

We want to empower our customers with our products and services and would like to make the world a nicer place. See how packaging can motivate people and how it can raise a smile on their faces:

Positive affirmations, such as “I have strength”, are an effective way to connect with your customers’ values. The company Body and Eden empowers its customers by including energetic statements on its elixir bottles, as seen on the picture above.

How can you motivate your customers to be happy and to keep them in good shape? This Ping-Pong set is able to sell the happiness with a great sense of humor through packaging!

More and more brands have proven that they can inspire and motivate their customers through positive quotes added onto their packaging. This package design concept for macaroons created by SoNice Design Studio is exploiting sweetness with great success!

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Written by
Henar Cabrera