Need help to wrap your Christmas gifts?

Need help to wrap your Christmas gifts?

Christmas is around the corner! We wouldn’t be a far-reaching packaging company if we weren’t able to help you out with your personal packaging projects, currently meaning the wrapping of your Christmas gifts.

Check out these great tutorials that will have you wrapping presents like a champion.

1. This man has solved many Christmas present wrapping torments with this simple and easy-to-follow video. No longer will you have to apologize profusely to disappointed family members for the state of the gifts. This method works particularly well for parallelepiped-shaped gifts.

2. If you aren’t lucky enough to wrap a simple square-shaped gift and you are faced with a challenging odd-shaped item like a sphere or any other “awkward” shape, here is another solution for you.

3.Artifact Uprising provides you with a tutorial on DIY Gift wrapping with a charming and personalized touch. Just follow this link.

4.Finally, if you have overcome the basic gift-wrapping techniques but would like to add some creativity to it, check out this video to see 8 different creative wrapping ideas.

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