This New Printed Innovation Will Change The Beverage Market

The normal aluminium can bottle is a product most of us has bought once or twice in our lives, whether it was a soda or a beer. Regardless of the brand, the familiar and practical design of the lid has not changed since it was first invented, until now.

Cameo 360-degree is an awesome innovation that can help brands add a colourful finishing to the lid of their infinitely recyclable aluminium cans. Just imagine seeing a can with a printed lid standing among the normal unprinted cans in the stores. Which one would you see first?


Ball Corporation is the creator of this new printing also called Cameo End Printing, extending customer branding to the top of the can. Ball Corp supplies innovative, sustainable packaging solutions for beverage, food and household products and has now taken a step in developing the possible design of the aluminum can.

This is definitely a new marketing opportunity for brands to make the can top “pop” and to better attract consumers. It increases brand visibility and offers exciting new possibilities and ideas such as contests, special promotions and limited-edition packaging.


“Ball’s Cameo End Printing delivers both branding advantages for our customers, and functional benefits for consumers,” says Jay Billings, vice president, for Ball’s beverage packaging North & Central America business.

On the other hand, Cameo actually makes the search for one’s favourite brand easier since the top of the can is the most visible part of the package.

Cameo will be commercialized in early 2019, and we can’t wait to see all the new designs for can tops coming after that!