Packaging Design Trends for 2018


Packaging design is evolving every year to meet our changing needs and wants. 2018 will not be an exception and both designers and engineers are now gearing up for what changes are to come. Packaging will play an essential role in reducing global food and product waste, and more and more brands are opting for materials with a much smaller ecological footprint!

That is to say, 2018 has a clear focus on sustainability; from going light and flexible, to healthier foods and clean labeling. Today we decided to write about the packaging design trends for the coming year and to give you an insight into what they really are about.


1. Simplicity

Brands who adopt clear and brief package messaging will be rewarded as consumers prefer brands that embrace minimalism design. In the coming years, we expect to see even the oldest school packaging adopt a more modern style, conveying the most relevant information instantly with a careful use of white space and colors. People will barely have to slow down to grasp what your product is all about.


2. Big letters

Big words allow to send a clear and loud message about the product and its main information. Words are a great way to get creative, a clear message will work as long as it is in bold and easy to read font. Combined with a wise choice of colors your product will surely make a splash!


3. Pastels

Soothing, soft and calming packaging design is moving into the spotlight in 2018, which also means that pastels are seeing a revival. It feels like a natural reaction to the hyper-stimulating and explosive colors we have been experiencing the last few years. Pastels are a great choice to create a pale effect that gives the products a candid and warm aura.

64. Doodles

From 9 to 90 years old, everybody doodles! Adults relate to this kind of free form drawing because it reminds them of the energetic, happy and lucky kids that they were. And let’s be honest, a good doodle can turn a frown upside down any given day. When seen on packaging, doodles can make a normal product entering a fun universe. They also have a wonderful way of describing what’s inside the box. Many times, customers are already smiling before they even touch the product.


5. Extreme packaging

Turning your juice can into a bamboo segment or your raisin package into a sheltering tree stump literally means that the only thing left to do is place your logo on the packaging. Designers take bigger creative risks with innovative solutions, testing the limits like never before and pushing packing design into new territories. Creative design isn’t to be neglected next year while incorporating sustainability and customisation.


Packaging trends are born out of a clash between the new and the old, between the organized and the freestyle. As long as these two sides of the ecosystem keep finding a way to coexist while pushing boundaries, progress and innovation will continue to thrive and prosper. Who knew packaging could be so exciting?!