Paper Bottles: A Realistic Sustainable Bottle Solution?


2018 is the year of the race against plastic pollution. It’s a sad reality that every company needs to deal with. That’s why one of the major trends this year isn’t just being eco-friendly but also finding realistic, original and attractive solutions. Who is going to come up with the best innovation?

In 2016, Neenah Packaging won the Dieline Sustainable Prize with its Paper Water Bottle, meeting both consumer demand and brand owner requirements for real eco-friendly solutions.

More recently, BillerudKorsnäs and Grow launched their Paper Bottle Project to introduce a bio-based paper bottle alternative to wasteful plastic bottles.


Their eco paper bottle is made from virgin pulp derived from Scandinavian forest. The design incorporates elements of the Spruce and Pine trees, creating a harmonious look that tells a story about raw materialspackaging and manufacturing. The result is an attractive pure and natural shape but still simple, giving the consumer the desire to grab it with their hands to feel the material.


The Paper Bottle Project aims to offer a solution to minimise waste and ultimately empower brands and consumers to make better choices to support the environment. Each bottle boasts a “grade stamp” that mimics the symbol-based system used in the forest industry to identify the quality of different wood products.


On the other hand, Paper Water Bottle is a pulp packaging integrating best-in-class strategic assessment, consumer insight, creative, technical and engineering design, material science, and development through production and distribution. It is made of a sustainable combination of plant-based fibres to allow optimum user-functionality, effective branding, operational efficiencies and efficient biodegradability.

“We Help Save Our Planet” is their corporate pledge to people around the world.


Its global patents for liquid containment in a moulded shell stand as an alternative to plastic bottles, which, though obviously appealing to a consumer need for on-the-go convenience and usability, are nevertheless increasingly perceived as negative for the industry and the environment.

Paper Water Bottle is addressing the issue of 80 billion plastic bottles being produced annually, 80% of which end up in landfills or oceans. And the harsh reality is that it will take 800 years for them to biodegrade. Imagine the possible scenarios…


While these statistics are well known, not enough is done to change the outcome. Solving the problem of plastic requires a shift at every level: country, industry, and consumer. And in order to accomplish this, an easily understood “big idea” is needed to drive change.