Personalised Packaging On The Rise For 2018


A good packaging should be able to raise customer satisfaction, improve the purchasing experience and create a link between traditional shopping and e-commerce. According to the consumer behaviour theories, personalised packaging could turn a good packaging into a great one.

Personalised luxury items were born a long time ago since the personalisation helps to build a better and stronger relationship with the customers. And the trend represents now the future of the packaging industry as it has turned into a key influencer during Christmas and Easter holidays, as well as Valentine’s day.


As Ferrero is doing for its famous Nutella product, the mass personalisation is becoming increasingly common among food and drink packaging, offering personalised or customised versions of products. The 2018 new trend enables mundane everyday items to rank high within the products on the shelves. Let’s say that you are walking in the alleys of a supermarket, would you buy the Nutella jar having your name on it? Of course, it is a collector!

Especially when shopping for gifts, many consumers are likely to choose these types of items without having second thoughts. E-commerce is playing a key role in this alongside the growth of online shopping.


Personalisation is the cheapest and quickest way of making a product unique and, at the same time, satisfying the more demanding requirements. Some champagne and whisky manufacturers have gone down that road by enabling the consumers to add text via a website to engrave the bottle or its outer packaging. Some brands also give the option to add your photo to the packaging, which creates a long-lasting impression.

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When Coca Cola launched their named bottles, the search for one’s name among the bottles became a real treasure hunt for kids especially. Generation Z, as they are called, is noted for individuality, and such items as named bottles are more likely to be attractive for them. Personalised packaging also encourages reuse, just like the Haribo’s Sweet Jar that can be easily refilled.


Future innovation will probably go even further than just playing with packaging and shapes, and the goal might be to explore tailored ingredients or recipes. Colour, taste and texture, which change on request during consumption, can be a possible development in this direction.

So, don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt, the journey has just started!