Plastic Packaging made out of Air Pollution

Plastic Packaging made out of Air Pollution

The ecological cosmetics chain Body Shop is planning to use a special plastic composed of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere to make bottle lids and containers for its popular body butters.

This new packaging should reduce the company’s use of plastics made from oil by an incredible 70 percent by 2020.

This new technology of converting carbon emissions into products like packaging could open a whole new door to better and more sustainable usage of the pollution mankind creates in everyday life.

As the CEO of the company owning this new technology states: “Packaging protects our products, but what if it also had the ability to protect the environment?”


Indeed, plastic is doing a lot of damage to our environment like the oceans.

Body Shop furthermore wants to “promote the reuse of the packaging, rather than disposing of it”. They are currently working on a business model in which customers will be able to return packaging to their stores with the aim of reusing it afterwards.

Other big companies like Dell that is using plastic bags to wrap its computers, are starting to apply this more sustainable packaging technology as well.

Written by

Melina Ruettimann

Source: Huffington Post