Smart Mirrors for Flawless In-Store Experience

Smart Mirrors for Flawless In-Store Experience

Oak Labs, a New York-based start-up, has found a solution that can drive sales by integrating technology into physical stores. The Oak Fitting Room features a full-length mirror with a touchable screen that interacts directly with the customer. It can recognize items brought into the dressing room through RFID tags (radio-frequency identification), and it is then able to synchronize with the store’s inventory and point-of-sale systems. The aim of this invention is simple: a better experience for the customer and more in-store data for the merchant that will result in more sales ultimately.

How does it work?

  • If the customers want a different size, they can make a request through the mirror’s touchscreen.
  • A sales associate receives the request on their Oak Labs software, called “Oak Stockroom”, which tells him/her where the right size of the item is.
  • The sales associate can just point the device camera at a barcoded price tag to get information about that particular item in the store.
  • The customers can also plug in their phone number using the interactive mirror screen. This way they can have their item list texted to them while they are in the dressing room in case they want to give their purchase more thought or prefer to buy online.
  • The mirror can even be used to change the lighting in the fitting room or translate conversations between customers and associates who speak different languages.
  • After finalizing their selections, customers can send them to a sales associate who will then bring all the chosen items to the cash register and proceed with the purchase.

Here you can watch the video that explains how this sophisticated device works. See The Oak Fitting Room in action.

This process allows stores to track items as they move to the dressing room, producing data on customer behavior. Are customers more likely to try on one specific item more than others without purchasing it? If they take the wrong size of an item into the dressing room, will they return to the store to find the right one?

Oak Lab Company’s vision is to develop experimental technology that assists retailers in their physical stores. This smart mirror will not only benefit customers who will be able to select recommended products and communicate directly with the sales associates but also retailers who are seeing more and more consumers shifting to online purchasing and are struggling to find unique experiences to make them visit their stores.

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Written by

Liudmila Pape