Starbucks Releases Its 2018 Holiday Cups


If we think about Starbucks right now, the first thing which comes to our minds is certainly the famous ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte’ during the Fall-Winter Season. For all Starbucks groupies and fans, there are news which will make your heart beat even faster. So, read carefully!

The world-famous coffee emperor just started to fill up their stores with their iconic holiday cups. Order that extra coffee shot for your Mint Cappuccino and you’ll even jump higher when you see those fabulous new cup designs.

This year the difference is that, in addition to four new holiday-themed designs, you can also get the iconic red cup, available only in the reusable variety for a limited time.


“We really wanted to look at our past for this year’s designs,” states Kristy Cameron, Associate Creative Director of Starbucks’ Creative Studio. “We’ve always had Christmas blends, and we looked at all the iconography on the bag as well as met with some of our longtime Starbucks partners – that’s what we call our employees here – and heard some really lovely stories from back in the day.”

For each of the four designs, each cup took a piece of brand heritage, a dash of historic iconography with a modern twist and a splash of holiday colour palette.


Starbucks chose to keep their red-color design for the reusable cup for two reasons.  Firstly, they’re using an iconic holiday colour, yet still keeping the design simple, secondly it has the longevity to be used all-year-round, promoting a year of sustainability and reuse.

And to promote it, Starbucks gave its customers the iconic red cup for free with the purchase of a holiday beverage on November 2nd. From there, those who returned with their reusable cup after 2 p.m. received $0.50 off their drink through January 7th.
“I love that we’re doing this cup,” says Cameron. “It’s something that came up early on in our design iterations and concepts. This idea of encouraging customers to bring back their reusable cup all season long is such a lovely idea.”

We hope you enjoy these new Starbucks Christmas Cup designs as much as we do!

Now run to the closest ‘twin-tailed mermaid’ coffee chain and get your holiday coffee cup or, why not, the red reusable one for the whole next year!