Swedbrand: Our Products – Foldable Boxes

Swedbrand: Our Products - Foldable Boxes

As anticipated in the previous blog post about Swedbrand’s products, this month we will analyze in detail one of our bestsellers: Foldable Boxes.

First of all, we need to make a distinction between Foldable and Rigid Boxes.

The last ones, also called set-up boxes, are sturdy and do not fold or collapse as foldable boxes do. They are often considered as high-end packaging solutions, especially when the value of the product is perceived as high. They are also used when the product within is heavy and in need of extra support. An iPhone box is an example of a rigid box.

Foldable boxes have the same look and feel as rigid boxes, they are also considered as high-end packaging for high-value products. But they are flat in store and transport to save space and freight, and easy to assemble into rigid boxes when used. With customized logo printing, foldable boxes are a great marketing tool to present your product in the best way possible and enhance your brand image.

The material used for foldable boxes can either be White Card or Cardboard.

  • White Card has a rougher surface and is more rigid than Art paper. It is usually used for Hand Made Paper Bags as well.
  • Cardboard is a generic term for a heavy-duty paper of various strengths, ranging from a simple arrangement of a single thick sheet of paper to complex configurations featuring multiple corrugated and non-corrugated layers. Corrugated fiberboard sometimes known as corrugated board or corrugated cardboard, is a combined paper-based material consisting of a fluted corrugated medium and one or two flat liner boards.

The Finishing processes for Foldable Boxes include:

  • Soft Touch Lamination: in printing, the term “soft touch” is often used as a generic reference to any finishing method that adds a velvety-soft feel to print materials. Unlike most design elements that appeal to the sense of sight, a soft touch finish allows a printed piece to gain distinction by stimulating the sense of touch.
  • Varnish: a transparent layer of oil applied to protect the ink on the paper. Varnish makes the product more durable and provides a degree of protection against water or grease. It can be both matt or glossy.

  • Spot UV: this process utilizes ultraviolet light to dry varnish that is applied to wet paper. This varnish can be applied to plain white card stock, but is often applied to coat color-printed paper products, sealing in their color, adding shine, and protecting the printed surface underneath from moisture and other types of damage.
  • Hot Foil: hot foil is applied to the paper to achieve a metallic stamping effect.
  • Embossment: embossing applies pressure to the reverse of the paper or card stock to alter the surface, giving it a three dimensional or raised effect.
  • Debossment: debossing is the opposite of embossing. It applies pressure to the front side of the paper or card stock, forcing the material down, causing depressions in the material and leaving a depressed (debossed) imprint of the image on the paper.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction about Foldable Boxes and we are looking forward to your feedback. Don’t miss our next blog post about Rigid Boxes!

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