Swedbrand: Our Products – Machine Made Paper Bags

Swedbrand: Our Products - Machine Made Paper Bags

This month’s appointment with our products is dedicated to Machine Made Paper Bags.

As we already mentioned in the previous blog post about Hand Made Paper Bags, Machine Made ones have fixed sizes and it is not possible to change them during the procedure, as factories usually produce around half million paper bags in a row all together.

But the good thing about them is that their price is very affordable. These kinds of paper bags are mass produced, that’s why their prices are usually very low compared to Hand Made ones.

Machine made paper bags are not only designed to be sturdy enough to carry merchandise, but also to make an unforgettable statement. They indeed carry your product while effectively promoting your unique brand.

The most common material used to produce machine made paper bags is kraft paper (“kraft” means “strength” in German), which can be both white or brown. White kraft paper is more expensive than the brown one. Brown kraft paper is usually bleached white kraft paper.

The paper is produced in rolls, and printed according to the clients’ needs. The machine glues paper and handles together, and the result is a paper bag entirely produced by machine, and therefore with standard sizes.

The finishing process for Machine Made Paper Bags only includes Varnish, a transparent layer of oil applied to protect the ink on the paper. It makes the product more durable, long lasting, and provides a degree of protection against water or grease. It can be either Matt or Glossy.

Regarding the handles, these kinds of paper bags only come with 2 types of handles: flat and twisted, and their length is usually standard.

We hope this article can help you learn more about Machine Made Paper Bags and we are looking forward to your feedback. Don’t miss our next blog post about Foldable Boxes!

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