Swedbrand Watch Boxes Case Study


As we all know, product packaging – and unboxing – is a customer experience. In an industry that relies on customer satisfaction and influence, wrist watch manufacturers have a unique opportunity to create distinct and memorable packaging.

Wrist watch packaging can be powerful, like any product packaging, because it tells your customers why your product and brand are different. Consumers of this product might only buy one new watch every few years. This means that they are going to spend more to get a quality product.

A watch is one of those luxury items, yet a necessity for many people, and having a proper place to store your watch is essential to keep it organized and protected. Whether you need storage for one or a dozen (lucky you!), we’ve got you covered.

We have created a range of 4 different watch boxes to satisfy your needs. Check them out and let us know which is your favorite one!



This box is called ‘hinged’ because it has a hinge structure, meaning all of its parts (lid and base) are integrally interconnected and therefore not separable, forming a one piece, unitary structure.

For this type of box, we used cardboard covered with grey PU leather (coating of Polyurethane on a thin layer of leather) outside and white PU leather inside, both for the base and the lid.

The outside finishing on the lid is called de-bossing, a technique used to imprint depressed images or text onto a material.


Picture2The Rigid Neck Box is a two-piece construction with a rigid cuff glued to the interior walls of the base that can either be exposed (as in the picture), or hidden within the lid to reveal the detail when opened.

For this type of box, we chose cardboard covered with pastel green art paper inside and outside, both for the base and the lid.

The outside finishing on the lid is embossing (technique used to create a raised surface onto a material) and black hot foil, which is a dry printing method in which pre-dried ink or foils are transferred to a surface at high temperatures.



The Drawer Box is made up of two components: a sleeve (in this case rigid) and a drawer. Being held together through friction, the drawer pulls forward in one smooth motion to reveal the product inside. 

For this box’s material, we chose grey board covered with blue PU leather both for the drawer and the sleeve. The outside sleeve finishing is embossing. As for the inlay, we opted for black foam covered with grey velvet.



The Cylinder Box is a two-piece rigid box, also known as a rigid set-up box, and it consists of a base and lid. Lid to base proportions depend on design and personal taste.

Our Swedbrand Cyclinder Box is made of cardboard covered with black kraft paper inside and outside for both base and lid. The outside lid finishing is silver hot foil.

We hope you enjoyed our watch boxes! For more information on our products and services don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you!

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