We believe in the power of packaging, as “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” (Harlan Hogan).

As most of you know, Swedbrand Group is a multinational team of professionals specialised in building brands through packaging. With clients in 17 countries across the globe, we are amongst the market leaders in delivering unique and accessible packaging solutions.Through our partners as well as shareholding in factories in Asia and Europe, we are able to handle both small and large projects, integrating contemporary design with the highest quality production and strategic global logistics.

As an overall packaging supplier, we are able to tailor converted or premium packaging to your exact requirements. We are proud of our diversified portfolio of packaging solutions, from Retail and Cosmetics, to Confectionery and Food&Beverage Industry. No matter what business sector you belong to, we will always do our best to find inspiring and creative solutions that can fulfill your requirements.

At Swedbrand, we strive to be the best choice when it comes to packaging. Our company is mainly focused on the design and production of the following types of packaging solutions:

Sustainable/ Reusable Bags

Hand Made Paper Bags

Machine Made Paper Bags

Foldable Boxes

Rigid Boxes

Through our blog we want to introduce you to our world and show you what we do best. We will write a post per month, providing you with a clear and detailed explanation of our products and services, one by one.

So… Stay tuned and don’t miss our next blog posts! We hope you will enjoy them!

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