Tetra Pak celebrated for Packaging Innovation 2016 at the DuPont Awards

Tetra Pak celebrated for Packaging Innovation 2016 at the DuPont Awards

The DuPont Packaging Awards is an international, independently judging competition that honours innovations in packaging design, materials, technology, and processes across the entire packaging value chain. Inaugurated in 1986, the DuPont Packaging Awards program is recognised globally as the leading packaging awards program.

Innovation can take many forms but one thing is consistent: game-changing innovation involves hard work, determination and dedication. And in the packaging industry it also needs a strong passion for science. That’s what the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation is all about – recognizing those innovations in the packaging supply chain that truly excel in ‘Technological Advancement’, ‘Responsible Packaging’ and ‘Enhanced User Experience’.

“Our awards categories reflect future global challenges and the increasingly important role of the consumer in driving packaging innovation” – said Bill Cunningham, DuPont Packaging Awards program leader.


Tetra Pak’s first fully renewable package

Tetra Pak, the multinational food packaging company with Swedish origin, was one of the main protagonists at the last DuPont Packaging Awards for Innovation, earning a Silver Award for Tetra Rex® Bio-based, the first carton packaging made entirely from plant-based materials.

Honored for ‘Responsible Packaging’, this fully renewable package for chilled liquid food is produced entirely from renewable, recyclable and fully traceable resources, including 100% bio-plastics derived from sugarcane and FSC™-certified paperboard. The bio-based plastics used by Tetra Pak are produced by a Brazilian chemical company, Braskem, which sources all of its feedstock from sugar cane grown on degraded pastures. The advanced sustainability profile of the package includes a reduction in CO₂ of 4kg per kilo of PE.

Tetra Pak’s new project has been developed at Tetra Pak’s new Innovation Center in Modena, Italy, the company’s main center for research and innovation, and represents a true commitment to sustainable packaging solutions that will inspire others to believe stretch targets on environmental performance are achievable.

Tetra Rex Bio-based is now available in a range of sizes, from 250ml to 2000ml, for all chilled milk specifications. More customers in Europe will soon make use of the package and the company is having discussions already about launching it in cooperation with dairy companies in other parts of the world.

Key Benefits


High reliability

Tetra Rex is considered to be one of the safest packaging systems on the market. A patented folding process prevents products from coming into contact with the raw edge of the paperboard and four different material combinations provide the optimum safety barriers for all kinds of chilled products.

Space saving and flexible


Tetra Rex Packages are made from flat-packed blanks, which are easy and economical to transport and store. Using blanks in production has the added advantage of making it easy to switch between different package volumes of the same bottom format.


Choose prints & board types


Tetra Rex offers four different material combinations to provide barriers for your products. To enhance the environmental profile of your brand, FSC certified paperboard is also an option. Moreover, you can select from three printing methods: offset, flexo process and flexographic print.

Click on the link below to see the video of the DuPont Packaging Awards Judges’ comments on Tetra Rex® Bio-Based Fully Renewable Carton:





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