The Doddle BagsMake your life a doddle

This month’s case study is about the Doddle Bags, reusable food pouches, very simple in usage and with a whole variety of applications: from travel drink pouches to paint pouches.

The Challenge

When Nadine, the founder of Doddle Bags, had her small daughter Lily, she was – as every caring parent – paying a lot of attention to her child. At the same time, she was pretty busy working for her company as well, though. So she had to juggle a lot. Nadine was very conscious about feeding her baby only with the best food and she wanted to prepare her own meals for Lily whereas those dishes should be easily used on the go.

Firstly, she thought that she could find what she was looking for in the shop next door. But quite unexpectedly she had to realize that it was impossible to find a suitable pouch with a nozzle on it that she could easily fill with food.

The Solution

So Nadine decided to call her cousin Zaid, one of the founders of Swedbrand, and she asked him to help her make some pouches. Since Nadine is an architect, she wanted her pouch not only to work well but also to look great. Her aim was to use as little plastic as possible in her design.

The Result

It took them more than a year to get to the final product. It turned out to be very difficult to find the right material for the pouch, especially with regards to the zip lock. Eventually, the Doddle Bag was born.

These multi-functional refillable pouches are provided with expert sealing technology to prevent leakages and are compact enough to fit into a small handbag. Nadine and Zaid also decided to create the accessories to go with the pouch, which can serve different purposes, such as Doddle Spoon for feeding and Doddle Brush for painting.

The product became popular immediately (especially among moms) and currently it is sold in many countries, including the UK, Taiwan, Holland and Denmark, just to name a few.

Last year’s exhibition in Germany was a real success, proving that Nadine’s idea was a great one.

Check out the pictures of the exhibition!

Here are some testimonials of people who already tried the Doddle Bags:

“They are perfect for on the go, they are leak proof, have anti-choke caps and are dishwasher and freezer safe. They are simply amazing and I have been a bit blown away by them.”


“These DoddleBags have expert sealing technology to prevent leakages and are compact enough to fit into a small handbag. Once the contents is consumed, obviously they are even smaller!”


“… taking the DoddleBags range into our collection was an instant decision. These multi-functional refillable pouches have a whole host of applications from using as travel drink pouches through to using as paint pouches.”


Click here to watch a funny video where Nadine’s daughter shows us how to use the Doodle Bags.

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Written by

Alessandra Ruggeri

Liudmila Pape