The Evolution of Packaging

The Packaging industry keeps on evolving. It has transformed from just being a functional part of a product, to being a central part of our daily life, as we cannot complete many of our daily tasks without the accurate packaging.

Could you imagine a day without a wrapped sandwich, a bag to carry things in or your take-away-cup which you get at the coffee place next door?

Packaging needs to be increasingly lightweight and more reusable, but not just that. Customers are constantly seeking for the latest trends and designs. Products which offer greater functionality are more likely to be chosen. That leads to new concepts, and developments which make brands stay relevant in the competitive market in order to reach customers.

In the last few decades, packaging has progressed massively. Check out the evolution towards newer, fresher-looking packaging innovations that reflect current moods and trends.

1. Crest 1956 vs. 2016

2. Johnson’s Baby Lotion from 1943 to 2001

3. Rivella Packaging Evolution 1950-2016

4. The history of Ritter-Sport Chocolate

5. Coca-Cola’s development of its famous bottle

6. Oreo Cookies: Classic vs. Modern         


7. Vaseline: Then and now

8. Pepsi over the years

9. Doritos from the 70s to 2015

10. Pringles 60s vs. Today