The ideal color palette for packaging

The ideal color palette for packaging

It’s no secret that color is an important factor when going shopping or buying groceries. More than 90 percent of shoppers make snap judgments about products based on color only.

In other words, colors impact people’s behavior, they can have a deep effect on the emotions, feelings and the mood of the consumers.

They even have healing properties and can also reflect some of the company’s aesthetic identity.

Being aware of what you want to transmit through colors is crucial for your brand and packaging.

Certain colors look more attractive than others, once you know the meanings behind colors, you can use this insight to your advantage when creating and designing product packaging:


  • Red: Love, energizing, stimulating
  • Orange: Active, creative, warming
  • Yellow: Optimism, confidence, strength
  • Green: Balance, compassion, hope
  • Blue: Calm, loyalty, fresh

As important as the meaning of colors is their impact in an international environment and in different countries. Use the psychology of colors to get the best results – you will create a sense of well being for your clients and your brand will collect the positive effect of the color!

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Written by
Henar Cabrera