The Nicest Eyewear Packaging Designs

The Nicest Eyewear Packaging Designs

Eyewear is a part of our daily life just like the clothes we pick every morning. It can be a daily necessity or simply a bright detail to add to our outfit, but it is definitely a part of our identity which describes us as we are.

Nowadays, with so many affordable eyeglass providers, it’s possible to pick up two or three different styles of glasses to perfectly match our mood, makeup, or event. Especially when it comes to our sunglasses! Besides their most obvious purpose of shielding us from those shiny sun rays, they come in handy for many other reasons and occasions too.

It’s no secret that our eyewear looks even nicer when it comes in a beautifully designed packaging, which enhances the customer experience and makes the product look even more attractive. So today we’ve prepared the nicest eyewear packaging designs for you to get inspired by! Enjoy!

Abe & Sara Eyewear – packaging design by Faber & Lo creative agency.


Kypers Sunglasses – packaging design by Bestiola Studio.


Prism Eyewear – packaging design by SabotagePKG.


IZIPIZI Paris – Eyewear packaging design.

The Rapha Classic Sunglasses – packaging design by Progress Packaging alongside Rapha.


The Nike Vapor Strobe Eyewear – packaging design by James Owen Design.


Rond Et Carre’ Eyewear – packaging design by James Owen Design.


Gregory Eyewear – packaging design by Francois Thibault.


WPG. Eyewear – packaging design by Kathleen Hernández.


SALT + AETHER – Eyewear packaging design.


Over The Nose Eyewear – packaging design by Shari Baker.


Woodzee Eyewear – Repackaging design by Haley Rich.


Peaches Eyewear – packaging design by Brodie Davies.


Rivet & Sway – packaging design by YIU Studio.


Garrett Leight – Sunglasses packaging design.


Infinit Eyewear – packaging design by Ulrich Santa Maria B.


Connor Murphy – Wood Sunglasses Case.


Panda Sunglasses – Bamboo Case.


Zoobug Eyewear for kids – packaging design by Pencil Studio.


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