The Swedbrand team: one goodbye and five hellos

This month, we said goodbye to one of our enthusiastic Swedbranders, Meini. Part of the Sales team, he was the account manager for the German and Austrian market. We wish him all the best on the rest of his journey, and hope he enjoyed his farewell party with those 9 different pizzas. We wish him all the best and are sure he will find future success, good luck Meini!




What about some happy news? Over the past month the Swedbrand team grew as we welcomed 5 new Swedbranders: Georgia, Stephanie, Madeleine, Cornelia and myself, Melina.

add new ppl to team


Georgia works in design; Stephanie with the sourcing team; Madeleine and Cornelia are part of the sales team, for the Swedish market and the German/Austrian market respectively; and I work in Sales & Marketing.


Alongside Johan, Madeleine will support our North European customers. To prepare for a smooth takeover, Meini has been working with Cornelia, our new Swedbrander from Austria, for the past month, to help her take over his client accounts once he leaves.




Here is what Madeleine had to say about starting to work at Swedbrand:

“I’m very excited that I joined the team at Swedbrand here in Shanghai, it’s been a fun first month of training. There is a lot to know about packaging! Lots of projects are starting up so I look forward to working on them.”


Cornelia adds:

“It is often challenging to start a new job in a new company with its unfamiliar culture and environment – unless you are just as lucky as I am and you find a spot within an amazing team that is incredibly welcoming and helping you to get comfortable from the first moment onwards. The beginning was quite intense but nonetheless interesting and I, most importantly, felt like a part of the group immediately.”