Timberland X Thread Collection Turns Plastic Waste Into Fashion

Timberland, outdoor lifestyle brand, launched the Timberland X Thread collection in partnership with Thread, a Certified B Corporation that transforms plastic bottles from the streets and canals of Haiti into what Thread calls “the most responsible fabric on the planet.” The collection, which includes five styles of men’s footwear, two bags and one t-shirt, goes beyond environmental sustainability, creating social value and impact in the form of cleaner neighborhoods and meaningful new job opportunities.

“The Timberland X Thread collection is incredible proof that style and sustainability can go hand-in-hand,” said Colleen Vien, director of sustainability for Timberland. “This collection delivers good with every fiber, not just by recycling plastic bottles that would otherwise end up littering the streets, but also by creating job opportunities and cleaner neighborhoods in Haiti. Consumers can feel good about pulling on their Timberland® X ThreadTM boots or backpack, and know they are making a positive impact in someone else’s life.”

The new products build upon Timberland’s longstanding commitment to be Earthkeepers – to innovate and operate their business in an accountable and responsible manner. With a shared passion for supporting communities in Haiti, Timberland and Thread were natural partners from the start. Both companies are determined to look beyond the environmental value of recycled plastic bottles to focus on responsibility, transparency, and creating social value.

Timberland’s purchase of Thread’s fabric alone has led to 765,280 bottles getting recycled, 30,521,203 gallons of water saved, 15,305 pounds of pesticides avoided, 77 income opportunities created in Haiti, $2,295 revenue created for the bottle collectors and collection centres, and $14,540 revenue generated for the Haitian recyclers.

This project not only encourages the reusing of materials that are destined for landfills, but also the cleaning up of neighbourhoods at the same time.

The process of going “from bottle to boot” begins in Haiti, where more than 1,300 locals collect the plastic bottles that are developed into Thread™ fabric. Each yard of fabric is traced and tracked at every step of its journey, from bottle collection and fabric creation to the delivery of the fabric bolt to the manufacturer. This transparency allows Timberland consumers to learn about the vibrant people, stories and the impact metrics behind each boot, shoe, bag and t-shirt they purchase.

“At Thread, we believe that dignified jobs cure poverty – and our fabric creates those jobs,” said Ian Rosenberger, founder and CEO of Thread. “Our partnership with Timberland marks a seismic shift in the fashion industry, combining Timberland’s large supply chain and loyal customer base with Thread’s responsible, transparent approach to creating premium fabrics and vital jobs in the developing world. The Timberland X Thread collection is a major step towards improving the way our clothes are made.”

Watch the story of Timberland X Thread in the video below:




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